Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Lets see, its been a while.  I have been really busy trying to work on secular and women's items.  I am now an ordained secular humanist minister =)  Our goal is to do funerals and weddings and raise money to really get a foothold somewhere.  Eventually we want to be able to do aa/na/oa and grief counseling.  There are no venues for this secularly currently.  If you get a DUI and are sent to AA and am an atheist, you have to basically lie to pass.  You have to "give yourself over to a higher power".  We need to fix this.   In the long run, i hope we get a community bldg for all of this so we essentially have an atheist church for anyone to come to.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I think saying I am frustrated is an understatement.  A friend fwd me a comments section to a newspaper.  An individual on the list," if you want separation of church and state, you should go back to where you came from and get decapitated."  Where do I begin?  My first question I would like to know is, how much time in the military did this person spend?  My guess, none.  When you make these extreme statements, you are not only making yourself look like an ass, but you are being disrespectful to too many ppl to list here.  When you say, "go back to where you came from", to me anyway, you are inferring anti immigration stance and a bigotted one at that.  The funny part of this, to me, is these stances sound awfully like a middle eastern country, no?  Blasphemy gets you killed, so follow everyone, or else.  What country do we live in again? Last I checked, we lived in the united states, the country of freedom.  the country where you can be anything you want to be.  

The other half of this whole thing is, the first amendment allows christians to worship christ.  If we throw that away, then someone else cna come along and say, now you have to worship allah, or krishner, or Ra (i like the sun) or anyone else.  If you want to be able to go to church and worship jesus, then you should uphold separation of church and state.

Monday, April 2, 2012


I can not wrap my brain around hate.  I do not understand how you can say that someone shouldnt be able to love someone because its against your religion.  Well, its against my religion for you to be a homophobe.  so sorry, you now love gays and to prove it, you must have sex with one.  It works both ways.

Today another planned parenthood clinic was bombed.  Thankfully, the bomb only damaged some property.  How can you be "pro life" and want to murder people?  Antichoice movement is about controlling women.  A fertilized egg is not a life.  It is a scientific activity that happens when you have sex.  You may have gotten pregnant many more times than you think as fertilized eggs are fought off by the body and you woudl never know it.  Even once you are pregnant miscarriages happen because our bodies do a lot to expel the zygote.  It is a foreign matter.  Aborting a zygote is equivalent to destroying cancer.  the only difference is that for some women they get attached immediately which is perfectly acceptable.  You can not tell other people they have to have the same emotional connection that you have.  By forcing a women to keep a fetus to full term,you are forcing her to risk her life for something she doesnt want.  When a women decides to get pregnant, she risks her life for the potential of eventually becoming a mother.  I really wish people who study biology and anatomy before jumping into the antichoice fluster.  The same people that scare young women into having a child want to cut all social programs to help.  This is a double attack on poor women.  Its appalling.  Now lets discuss how  many children are in this world without love.  You want to be "pro life"? you need to adopt children, be anti deasth penalty, vegetarian, pro social programs, etc...

I always go back to this, but how do you not trust an atheist, when you trust a christian who lives their lives by hate?  Bruce willis made an amazing comment, i dont have it still, but it was to the effect of organized religion is dying off as we have explained everything religion used to be used for.  it made my day.  I look forward to a day where people have faith but no religion.  Where our laws are not led by religion and religious zealots.  Where a women had ultimate decision on her body without the government stepping in and where atheist are respected.

Friday, March 30, 2012


So, this is going to be more random.  First, as I type, Rock Beyond Belief is happening!  Im still so sad I couldnt make it, but it was the adult choice (oh my google, i might be growing up someone help me) I look forward to working with them to bring it up to the northeast.  We are making great strides in the equality of religious freedom, but have a lot further to go.

I am going to be a speaker at the War on Women rally, here in providence.  Im so excited, I love any opportunity to speak out about great things.  I would love to know what I have been through will atleast help someone else.  It took me years to deal with what I went through and now I can talk about it very freely.  It is very empowering.

The more I learn about the world the more I get depressed.  Its hard not to.  The rich continue to control this us, and we let it happen because we ignore it.  Santorum almost called the president a n***r.  Seriously.  It breaks my heart, all these case against Obama, and the recent death of Trayvon Martin, to realize how implanted racism is still today.  I am glad I wasnt born 50 years ago, I honestly do not know if i could have survived in a world with so much hate.  My ability to deal with the intolerance of gays right now, is how far they have come and how they are majorly accepted, and we can overrule the religious zealots.  I will never understand hating people simply for how they were born, what they believe, who they choose to love. 

I keep saying this, but, all I want to do is make this world a better place. If everyone did a little bit to improve their surroundings, then this world would be so much better.  People have to get outside of their own lives and become involved.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inequality in the military

I spoke about rock beyond belief and may have touched on this, but the inequality in the military is disgusting.  RBB was started to counter rock the fort which is an evangelical recruiting event, even though that is illegal.  The worse part is this: http://www.examiner.com/atheism-in-national/military-blocks-atheists-effort-to-feed-homeless-at-rock-beyond-belief-festival

so, the evangelicals can collect money and recruit people but soldiers can not collect food for homeless soldiers.   Can someone explain this to me?  How can the military, the epitome of freedom, not give freedom to all groups equally?  It took a long time, but this year we were able to repeal dont ask, dont tell.  Our next battleground must be for religious equality. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

rock beyond belief


  I think this is one of the biggest things to happen for atheist soldiers.   It is an all day music festival taking place at Ft Bragg, NC.  This was organized in response to Rock the Fort. This is an event held by evangelical christians on military basis at a cost of 30000$ to the tax payer.  How is it fair that christians get backed by the military but not atheists? exactly.   I am still trying my hardest to go, its a 12 hr drive for me but im pretty irrational so I do stupid things like this fairly often. 

  This made me think back to basic training (can I start a new paragraph w this referencing the last paragraph?) One day near the end of basic, we were loaded on a bus, taken to a nearby church, and had a field day.  On the outside it doesn't seem bad, right?  A nice free day outside of the hell of basic? ( I actually loved basic) Well, when we got there we went to a church service and i don't remember all of it totally but i remember after telling them, well I don't believe in jesus and he said it's ok, he believes in you.  I wonder how many people bought into it though.  The rest of the day we got to eat junk food and hang out.  To me, this is like bribery.  Hey, believe in god and we will give you stuff!  facepalm

  One of my friends brought up a great point in a previous post.  While in basic training, Sunday is religious day.  You can pick any service to go to, or you can stay in the barracks and clean.  Again, how is this fair?  I was a pagan in basic.  They looked at me funny and said, "well what do you do"? and i said I worship trees. So, they let me, and 3 others, go outside or have a room alone inside.  It was 3 girls and a guy.  (ya too bad the dude was pretty gross) we would just talk and hangout.  It was nice getting outside, though, for a few hours.  One week, I went to a morman meeting because I didn't know what a mormon was.  OMG  seriously, wait can I say that again OMG.. or for Penn Jillete Mormon? hahhahahah  mormon hahhahah   anyway, It was a 4 hour service where people went on stage and professed their love for the church and god.  It was so weird.  However, they fed us cookies (ya that was my selling point, hey dont judge me, you live off of a minimum amount of food and no cookies for 11 weeks) 

  So, here we are again, the unfairness of religion pushed onto soldiers.  Apparently following an invisible friend is more important than following a document millions of people have died trying to create to give us the life we enjoy.

Monday, March 26, 2012

George Bush Senior

I am near tears.  I was only going to write once a day here, but I can not skip commenting on this story I just found. 


  The 2 people who started this group were both honored veterans.  In 1987, while Bush was running for election, He stated that veterans are not or rather, should not, be considered veterans.  .........  I am disgusted, again, that people were treated so poorly by a president hopeful.  Though, I should state, I am not shocked, I am sure Santorum would say the same.  I have always disliked the Bushes, but usually gave a little extra credit to Sr.  No longer.  How disgusting for him to say that you have to be under god to be a patriot.  Not only does that discredit veterans, but anyone who believes in multigods, or some other type of religion.  I am so disgusted and upset right now.  This goes back to my intro, my sacrifices mean less than a person "under god"  Why?

  After being elected (for one term thankfully) an associate of his told the atheists to do him a favor and believe in god.  Now, just for a moment, lets reverse this..  I want to go up to Bush and tell him he is no longer allowed to believe in god.  He is now an atheist because it will make our lives easier.  How do you think that would go? I am so upset and disgusted.  I am so beyond words. 

Both the founders of America Atheist Veterans were in WW2.  I can not find any information about them, whether still alive or not, so One way or another, when i finish my reason rally video, I will dedicate it to those 2 people.